My father, Ray Wagner, was an aviation historian, and the author of many books on the history of military aviation, including “American Combat Planes of the 20th Century”.  He took me with him to many airshows and museums when I was young, and there I acquired a love for airplanes.  In 1961, I had my first flight on a Ford Tri-Motor airplane.

This was also the time of the beginning of the “space race”, the first satellites, the first man in space, and ultimately the first man on the moon.

In 2003, I got my private pilot’s license, and then added pilot's licenses for Mexico and Canada. Since then have enjoyed learning to fly a number of different kinds of airplanes, including “tail-draggers”, floatplanes, and even a military jet trainer.

Here are some photos from those experiences.

First flight

Ford Tri-Motor

First Solo Flight

Cessna 150

Aeronca Champ cockpit

Aeronca “Champ”


Cessna 172 “Cardinal”

Flying with My Dad

Parked at the 94th

Aero Squadron

Canada Floatplane

Floatplane training in Minnesota

Flying Down the Mississippi River

Lake taxi in Canada

Docked at Lake Sacacomie

Another view

Lake Amphibian

Florida Everglades


T-6 “Texan”

Rallye Socata

Another view

Robinson R-22

Robinson R-22

Gillaume artwork of “Roger’s chopper” - Chris Marker

Robin R200

Monastery Monserrat

Monastery Monserrat

Piper Arrow

Piper Arrow Instrument Panel

Beechcraft Duchess Twin

L-39 Albatros

In flight

Overflying Lake Mathews

Air Ventures’ Airship Eureka

The World’s Largest Airship

At the helm of the Eureka

near Moffett Field, CA

Revo Weight-Shift Trike

Waco YMF Biplane

Space Shuttle Launch,

Kennedy Space Center

(Not yet type-rated for this)