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HyperStudio Projects on the Web:

Here are links where teachers have posted their student’s projects online, usually either as a downloadable stack, or as a movie made from the stack using Export as a Movie.

Magnolia Middle School, Jeff Peach, Director of Technology

Grass Valley, CA

300+ students each day working in all subject areas

Pt. England School, Dorothy Burt

Pt. England, New Zealand

“A Planet With Talent”


There are also many videos on YouTube made from HyperStudio projects.  Here are just a few:

Journey to the Center of the Earth

My Name is Cholera

I Am Horrifying Measles

Mitosis Animation by MM

The Circulatory System by JW

Mr. Electricity (SchoolTube video)

HyperStudio Group on FaceBook:  HyperStudio Central

Ann Brundige Studio - Free Materials for Teachers

HyperStudio by Grade Level

These are links to web-pages that discuss HyperStudio in particular, or “multimedia”, “digital storytelling”, or “presentation software” in general in such a way as to be relevant to the use of HyperStudio in the classroom.

HyperStudio Worldwide

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“What is HyperStudio?”

HyperStudio is the one program where a student can write, paint & draw, create animations, and make movies, all in an interactive, non-linear project that is a whole, cohesive project, not just mere fragments.

The concept is simple: a painted or image background on which you place images, text, movies and interactive buttons. All the media types can be created right within HyperStudio without having to use other programs.  Record your sound and video, edit text, paint and manipulate images; it's all right there when and as you need it.

But the important thing is what you can make with it.  Because HyperStudio is not specifically movie-making, presentation, animation or comic-making software, but at the same time is its own flexible creative environment that can make each of those types of final media, HyperStudio is the most flexible and efficient software in existence for making a wide variety of projects, yet all with the same basic simple skill set of the user.

Nothing comes close in terms of what is called a "low threshold, high ceiling" (Seymour Papert) system where a student of a very young age can easily begin projects, easily change course to alternate styles, and from there be unimpeded in creating projects of whatever level of functionality is desired as they create more over many years, and even a lifetime. (yes, there are now people who have used HyperStudio from grade school to near-retirement, and in the case of teachers and interactive media professionals, from early-career through actual retirement).

Many, many different types of projects can be created using HyperStudio, and all with this same basic process.  Here are some examples:

Types of projects and the media skills that you can learn about include:

        Non-linear information environments

            (Example: Cell City)

        Highly efficient research and idea organization

            (Example: Solar System in 60 Seconds)

        Attribution and citation of media sources (Example: Automatic Attributions)

        Real digital storytelling, not just digital film-making

            (Example, Interactive Photographs: Desert Camping by Plane)

        Animation in both frame-by-frame and object-on-a-path techniques

        Movie-making, including green-screen and video-narrated projects.

        Drawing, illustration, tracing, and image/photo manipulation

        iBooks Author widgets

        Google Maps and Google Earth

        Interactive game design

        Computer-based instruction




        Research for Presentations

        Writing and composition, poetry

        Exploring electronics with the Arduino

        The logic process of "programming" while not requiring scripting

HyperStudio: Drag, Click, Inspect

Creating with HyperStudio is simple, and the basic process is the same no matter what you want to do: drag a media element on to a card, click on it to position and format it, and use the Inspector to set up any interactions that you want for that element, such as playing a sound or movie, opening a web-page, etc.

Drag and drop any media element from the desktop (or a browser window) on to your project in HyperStudio.


Click - Then position, resize and crop (even movies!)


Inspect - All the actions for every object in your project are set up with this:

That’s pretty much it!  You can watch the introductory video here to see the process in action.  To see how images can be dragged from a browser window, resized, and connected to an action, web-page or Google Earth (even on Mars!), take a look at the Solar System in 60 Seconds video.

HyperStudio in Greater Detail

The "big picture" on HyperStudio is best described in these three points:

  1. 1.There are a small number of basic building blocks and basic skills needed to create things, which in turn actually yield the widest range of possible project styles.  (Think of the power of LEGO and DNA)

    Four basic objects on a background where you can paint:


and every object is made interactive with the same set of steps each time: simply clicking on the desired options in the Inspector. 

The Inspector is quickly and easily learned as a primary skill in the HyperStudio environment, and from then on, most everything can be made with the four basic objects, all set up with the Inspector.

2. HyperStudio offers ultra-fast efficiency to get the most out of the 20-30 minutes of useful class time.  This is accomplished through a very wide support for drag-and-drop that often can allow up to 80% of the project creation work to be done without using menus.


The above illustration shows how images, movies, sounds, URL bookmarks, Google Earth placemarks, and even connections to other cards can be instantly added with drag-and-drop.

The result? Students now have greater access to a wide range of different media and creation skills and can create more in every school year than would otherwise be possible.


Who Else is Using HyperStudio and How?

HyperStudio: A Great Way to Get Started - In Just 3 Steps

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